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To detect and treat osteoarthritis promptly, patients need to know the symptoms through stages. Accordingly, the higher the stage, the more severe the symptom will be, eventually degeneration is difficult to treat.

+ Stage 1: This is the lightest stage, the patient usually does not recognize the symptoms because sometimes only mild joint pain, the patient is still functioning normally but not much affected. At this time, the cartilage layer covering the knee joint is lost about 10%, so the majority of patients with osteoarthritis at this stage are often doubted and subjectively ignored.

+ Stage 2: The osteoarthritis of the knee has a clearer sign, the bone spikes appear to damage the meniscus, and the joint cartilage also begins to be damaged, causing throbbing pain when move a lot. Particularly, the fluid between the two joints is still working normally, not being much dry, but sometimes the knee joint is still spastic.

+ Stage 3: Quite similar to stage 2 but at a higher level, the spines develop a lot and the cartilage + joint cartilage is more damaged, the patient begins to see pain in the knee joint, the pain appears more times over when moving. In addition, some people also experience red, hot swelling and knee joint spasms when moving.

+ Stage 4: Severe osteoarthritis of the knee, dry sac is dry and almost unable to move. Patients with this stage degeneration are assessed to be very severe and difficult to treat. If there is treatment, many times need surgical intervention, the effectiveness only stops at 50-60% and the risk of sequelae later.

The progression gap between osteoarthritis of the knee between periods is quite short, when a patient with knee pain for more than 1 week begins to risk moving to a new stage. Therefore, if you see symptoms in the first place, you should see a doctor immediately to prevent pain, not to get worse.

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